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Kit Car Guide is all about the cars.


Kit cars come in many shapes and sizes.


From family cars to 1930s-style tourers;


From Lotus Seven inspired vehicles to Cobra replicas;


From supercars to racing cars.



Kit Car Guide is an A to Z list of kit cars manufactured in the UK.



They cater to all kinds of taste and budget.


Many of them are also available as fully built cars from the manufacturers, who can also supply cars in various stages of assembly.



Kit Car Guide is a great way to see the choice that exists.


Once you've paid the one-off fee to get the app there are no more charges.


And the app will have a long-term use: it's going to be regularly updated so you can use it to see any new cars as they are listed.






Kit Car Guide is the world's first kit car app for the Apple iPhone. Download it today for just £1.79 or $2.99

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